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Assistive Technologies

To learn more about Assistive Technology products that are available for People with a Disability, please click on the relevant link below.  You can search for a product, find out more information about the device, who might benefit from using it, and whether or not it is currently available at Mada.

This section is growing continuously and staff at the Mada Center will add to number of products here on an ongoing basis.  For companies interested in seeing their products here, please contact us via this form.

Vision Impairment

Assistive technology for people who are blind or have low vision

Physical Impairment

Technology that provides access to ICT for people with a range of physical needs.

Hearing Impairment

Products for the deaf and those experiencing hearing loss.

Communication Impairment

Products and technology that enable communication for children and adults with speech and language difficulties.

Learning Difficulties

Software and Hardware solutions for children and adults with Learning or Cognitive Disabilities, including those with Dyslexia and other reading/writing difficulties.

How to get assistive technology in Qatar

How to get Assistive Technology in Qatar

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