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Reem Ahmed - Case Study 1

Reem Ahmed has been using the internet for a very long time. During her free time at home, Reem goes online to stay in touch with friends and family who are based in different countries around the world, and to update her cooking blog with the latest recipes that she has come up with in the kitchen. Recently, however, Reem has been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain when trying to type. The pain and numbness was focused around her hands and was increasing with time. She had heard about Mada from a friend of hers, and was keen to see if the Center could offer her any support with her computing needs.

Reem called Mada and made an appointment with an Assistive Technology (AT) specialist to conduct an assessment. During this process, an AT Specialist observed Reem’s use of the computer to get a better sense of the difficulty she was facing. Based on the severity of pain and discomfort that Reem was experience, the Mada team recommended to her that she seek medical advice. This is a good example of how Mada works in conjunction with the medical community to ensure that any technological solutions that are recommended are in line with a wider treatment plan.

After seeing a doctor, Reem was advised that she needed minor surgery to tackle her pain issues. As well, the doctor recommended that Reem should stop using her hands completely for any computing use whatsoever until at least four months after the surgery. This meant that Mada had to recommend a hands free solution that would enable Reem to use the computer in alignment with the doctor’s orders.

The Mada team identified a voice recognition software that would work on her operating system, and installed it on her machine. The Center also provided Reem with a specialized wireless headset that was easy to use in light of her physical condition. After providing Reem with the technology, the AT specialist worked closely with Reem to train her on the new technology and ensure that she was able to connect with friends and loved ones using email, social media, and video calling tools.

Since Mada’s intervention, Reem has had the surgery to address her pain and discomfort, and she continues to use the tools provided to her by the Center to stay connected. Reem and the Mada team continue to work on monitoring her condition and make necessary changes to her use of technology as needed.

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