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Jassim Mubark - Case Study 2

Jassim Mubarak has been working in the private sector in Qatar for more than twenty years. However, a medical condition has meant that Jassim has been losing his vision progressively over time. His visual impairment ultimately forced him into early retirement. Currently, in his early 40s, Jassim was eager to return to the workforce and contribute in a more substantial way to society. After receiving a job offer at a major government institution in Qatar, Jassim came to Mada to look at different ways in which technology can help him overcome his disability in the workplace.

After making an appointment with an Assistive Technology (AT) specialist, Jassim came to the Mada Resource Center for a consultation. During this session, Jassim outlined the nature of the job and both he and the Mada team outlined a plan to move forward.

Jassim explained that his new job would require extensive use of the computer and handling of printed documents. Both he and his employer were concerned about how Jassim would be able to carry out his tasks in light of his severe visual impairment. To further assess the situation, the Mada team decided to visit Jassim’s future workplace.

Firstly, Mada assisted Jassim’s employer to adjust the lighting conditions in the work environment to minimize glare and maximize the amount of light available. Secondly, Mada helped the IT department at Jassim’s workplace adjust the operating system to optimize the color contrast and font size for his needs. In addition to that, Mada installed an adjustable screen magnifying and bilingual screen reader on Jassim’s workstation to minimize eye fatigue.

To enable Jassim to access printed documents, Mada provided him with a portable desktop magnifier that can be used both in the office and at home. After providing both hardware and software solutions, the Mada team worked with the IT department at Jassim’s employer to offer them training on support assistive technology in the workplace, document accessibility, and building accessible websites.

Mada’s services have enabled Jassim to return to the workforce despite his severe visual impairment, and have cleared the road for future hiring of disabled employees at his workplace.

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