Dot WatchIn the Smart Society, the technology changes so rapidly. It aims to improve the quality of our lives, however, visually impaired people are isolated from the technology development heading to the Smart Society.

It does not make sense that blind people are neglected in the Smart Society, which connects things together as a network society. The more technology develops, the better the quality of everyone’s life should be. The value of the smart society should work for everyone. It means that blind people’s lives should be better as well. Here is a device that helps blind people’s lives to be in the Smart Society.

There is a life enhancer for visually impaired: the Dot Watch, which is the world’s first Braille Smartwatch. Then how can the braille smartwatch change the lives of visually impaired?

The basic functions of the Dot Watch are for messages, calls, notifications, alarms, and stopwatch. The watch shows the hour, minute, and second in braille, so users find out the exact time without a voice watch. For those who are not familiar with braille, the Dot Watch is also available in the tactile mode.

One visually impaired person has said, “one day I found that the voice we need to check the time can be noise for non-visually impaired people.”

Dot Watch

“It never protects our privacy to read time by voice in public. Visually impaired people do not want to get attention. Even we do not know how others react. A voice watch sounds pretty loudly.” the other said.

The watch sets them free from this uncomfortable situation and their concerns.

One of the main functions of the Dot Watch is that the watch instantly receive all the notifications, messages, and calls they get from the smartphone. Since visually impaired can immediately read all the messages and notifications in braille, the watch can protect them from necessarily exposing their important information or messages to people around them. And it avoids the need for using headphones which can be dangerous at times. They can prevent all their information or messages from being exposed to all the people around them.

No matter how long the messages are, they can read the messages on the watch, using the touch-sensor buttons. In this way, it also allows blind people to read the messages privately with fingertips during the conversation. As a result, it is really helpful for privacy protection.

Since it is a smartwatch, not just a watch, it also lets users check incoming calls. When someone makes a call to them, the Dot watch instantly notifies users of the incoming calls. If the callers are saved on their mobile, the watch shows who is the caller in braille and users can get the call or refuse it through the touch sensors on the Dot Watch. It avoids that calls are cut off before visually impaired get them, or it improves the lives of visually impaired people from the problems that they get calls in noisy places.

Once users write memos on the Dot Application, the memos can be shown in the braille on the Dot Watch. It is a quite big deal for blind people since it can prevent that memos are read by voice so it can be exposed to the crowd around them. The voice speaker can not work while users are talking on the phone. With the Dot Watch memo function, users can read the memo with their fingertips and talk on the phone at the same time, which is quite convenient.

Besides them, other useful functions of the Dot Watch are stopwatch and alarms, which is quite helpful when visually impaired are doing energetic activities or work. It makes them freer than when they are checking times on the phone frequently by notifying them of the specific time they want to know.

The things we can realise through the reviews from the users are that the Dot Watch provides exact time without sound, so it guarantees blind people’s privacy and visually impaired can figure out things by themselves without necessarily relying on other things or people, as most of the people have done so far.

“It was so exciting that I was not aware of that time flew. I can read things by letters, not by voice. Of course, it does not bother my arm since I do not need to hold it, and I expect that my life which was relying on my hearing is changing.”, one of the users said.

Another user said, “The fact that I can know the time exactly makes me feel that I have overcome another disability.”

Like this, beyond some several useful functions for visually impaired people, what the Dot Watch provides might be to improve inconveniences they might have and let them overcome them, leading changes in their lives.