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Sakhr Ibsar V 8.1

Price range: 
QAR 7,200
Arabic language support: 
Available at Mada: 

IBSAR (“Vision” in English) is an integrated reading and writing solution for blind and visually impaired persons.

IBSAR helps visually impaired users easily read Arabic and English paper and electronic documents, check email, browse the Internet, write documents, and save and print in Braille.

The intuitive and simple user interface is powered by Sakhr’s industry-leading technologies for OCR (optical character recognition), text to speech (TTS), and Arabic natural language processing (NLP).

IBSAR makes the information highway and computer productivity accessible to the blind and visually impaired community.

IBSAR 8 support:

  • Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Braille display
  • Firefox 3.6
  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • AT&T English and French Voices
  • Skype & MSN
  • Arabic Diacritics character in Braille