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Universal Mount Sets

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QAR 1300
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The universal mounting plate can take the place of many plates, making ordering easier for you. The plate accommodate a variety of AbleNet devices and alleviates the expense of ordering multiple plates. The kits include mounting arm, super clamp, and universal mounting plate. Super clamp mounts to table, chair, bed, wheelchair or just about any surface.

Hover Mounting Arm
Rigid construction of strong, lightweight carbon fiber. Holds stable while extended, even to the full 24".

Gooseneck Mounting Arm
19-inch flexible arm provides easy, quick-ready mounting for any small AAC device and switches.

Latitude Mounting Arm 
Provides an ideal balance of strength, durability, and flexibility. Easily handles just about any mounting challenge.

Universal Mounting Arms, Friction Knob or Lever
Strong, reliable mounting for switches provides fast, easy and secure placement of any switch. The arm extends to 20.5".

The Universal Mounting Plate can replace these AbleNet mounting plates:

  • Small Triangle Plate: for use with Jelly Bean, LITTLEmack, LITTLE Step-by-Step, Step-by-Step with Levels, and iTalk2 products
  • Large Triangle Plate: for use with Big Red, BIGmack, and BIG Step-by-Step
  • Small Circular Plate: for use with Specs, Big Buddy Button, Cup, Cap, and Ribbon Switches
  • Small Rectangle Plate: for use with Jelly Beamer wireless switch and other small devices
  • Large Rectangle Plate: for use with larger sized devices
  • EZ Mount Plate
  • Cradle Plate