Scewo Bro

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Wheelchairs are often only able to offer a limited level of mobility, so the 'Scewo' accessible wheelchair is intended to change this. The 'Scewo' wheelchair offers a more balanced and secure experience for users, and is capable of climbing stairs and offering more stability on uneven terrain. This enables those who rely on their wheelchair as their primary means of getting around to feel less restricted when they leave their home in the morning. The 'Scewo' wheelchair also offers Elevated Mode, which allows users to be lifted to the eye level of those who are standing around them or as a way to see better when their sightline might be obscured. Scewo bro automatically maintains a level seating while driving. That creates a whole new driving experience. The large wheels effortlessly master cobblestones and forest paths. Even if the driver doesn’t have any upper body stability. The stair climbing function opens the doors to new possibilities. With this model you can climb steps made of various materials. Whether you’re going upwards or downwards, straight or on a curve: Scewo Bro brings you safely from A to B.