Rehadapt Stands

Price range: 
QAR 7200
Arabic language support: 

Rolling floorstand for positioning devices over beds, recliners or wheelchairs with optionally adjustable telescope pole and chassis. With free floating articulated arm or overhanging arm composed of Monty3D tubes. Eco Floorstands offer basic functionality at affordable prices. Column and chassis are fixed, yet the flexible arm allows for good positioning freedom. Tele floorstands allow for mounting devices in elevated positions, e.g. for use in hospital-style beds. The gas spring supported telescopic column brings the device up to the height of 50 inches. Besides adjustability in height, Vario floorstands offer a variable width of the chassis. Reach around a large recliner or wheelchair, or reduce width to go through narrow doors. The column can get mounted centrally or at the side.