Power Link 4

Price range: 
QAR 1252
Arabic language support: 

The PowerLink 4 allows switch users to control up to 2 electrical appliances with single switches. Features 6 unique modes of control that allows you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on. Easily turn on and off two separate A/C electrical appliances with the PowerLink 4. Each appliance can be controlled with one wired switch or up to eight separate Big, Mini, or Jelly Beamer wireless switches. Six unique modes of operation (Direct, Latch, Timed, Seconds, Timed Minutes, Two-Switch, and Count) provide a variety of control options. Count mode allows for easy, precise data collection of activations and Two-Switch mode allows for collaborative activation for safety or cooperative use.

  • Easy setup with built-in display and simple new design
  • Powerful access with six modes of control
  • Accurate programming and data collection
  • Flexible outlets allow custom positioning of up to two appliances
  • Linkable wireless technology allows Big or Jelly Beamers to be linked to each outlet
  • Two switch input jacks
  • Great looks at a small size