Handshoe Mouse

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QAR 1000
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HandShoe Mouse: The Ultimate Solution to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse allows your hand and wrist to float without any effort.
Its full hand and finger support prevents skin contact with the desktop, unlike most computer mouse types where you press down on the desktop and work from the wrist or rub over the desktop while sliding. Both of these actions are a source of complaints.

With a HandShoe Mouse you don’t need to hover your fingers over the buttons:  Only a minor effort is required to switch while your thumb rests on its support. This prevents thumb action which can otherwise be harmful.

We advise to sit and work in a relaxed fashion, with your forearm supported (on your desk and/or on the armrest of your chair)  when using the HandShoe Mouse. This will protect you against RSI and certain types of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).
Summarizing, the patented bio-design of the HandShoe Mouse is the ultimate solution to prevent RSI and CTS while it allows you to work in a relaxed fashion. The HandShoe Mouse is available in three standard sizes (Small, Medium and Large) which are available in a wireless and a wired version. There is also a wired right handed  Extra Small version available.So size matters and there is a HandShoe Mouse for everyone! You can order your own HandShoe Mouse.