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Ablenet Sidekick

Price range: 
QAR 1200

For individuals with motor impairments that make using a Multi-Touch screen difficult, Sidekick is a game-changer for access to the iPad and iPhone! Sidekick is the first plug-and-play adapter that allows you to use almost any USB Type-A mouse with your iPad and iPhone. Simply connect almost any USB Type A mouse to Sidekick, plug Sidekick into your iPad or iPhone Lighting connector, and you’re ready to go! Sidekick allows you to use almost any USB Type A mouse that has left click functionality. This includes the AbleNet TinyMouse, ChesterMouse, BIGtrack, Rock Adapted Joystick, and TrackerPro. Dwell selection is not available at this time and TrackerPro will require the use of one switch to emulate left clicks.