Price range: 
QAR. 18,198
Arabic language support: 

iCommunicator is a software designed for people with hearing impairments which promotes independent communication. The program translates English in real-time/ instantly: Speech to text, Speech/Text to Video Sign-Language, and Speech/Text to Computer Generated Voice. Furthermore, the user can reply using the computer’s keyboard, providing text that can be read or allow iCommunicator to speak for them with the built-in Computer-Generated Voice. In addition, it has built-in up-to-date dictionary and Thesaurus which allows the user to access them to get definitions, synonyms, etc. Moreover, it allows the user to search the internet, and adjust the software as his needs as well as it supports users with special needs. The product is also available in iCommunicator™ V 4.0 Professional Version Kit.