Grid Set

Price range: 
QAR 2300
Arabic language support: 

An all-in-one package for communication and access. The Grid allows people with limited or unclear speech to use a computer as a voice ouput communication aid, using symbols or text to build sentences.You can also access your Windows desktop and other programs, with the built in Computer Control features.In addition to this, you can send and receive email and sms messages, browse the web, listen to music... and more too! The Grid 2is accessible to everybody, accepting input from switches, headpointer, touchscreen, mouse, and other options too. 

 Smartbox now has a built-in web browser, word processor, email, SMS text messaging, a calculator, music player and a clock. It has top quality Acapela speech and the complete Widgit Literacy Symbols library.

There is a wealth of tools for the symbol user, including smart picture searching, prediction with symbols, verb morphology and ‘sound alike’ words. Some major grid sets from Smartbox, such as IngfieldCALLtalk and WordPower, have been revised to utilise The Grid 2’s extra power. In addition to Rebus symbols you can use PCS, photos and most other symbol libraries.

For text users, The Grid 2 from Smartbox allows seamless integration between voice communication and other computer tasks. Fast prediction and message stores help to speed up input. The powerful on screen keyboard gives direct control over standard Windows software. It allows menus, dialogue boxes, web sites and much more to be navigated under the direct control of the user.

The program also provides a way to handle most everyday tasks, for users who do not require a full office suite. 

Types: Grid 2, Grid 3