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About Mada

Mada Assistive Technology Centre is a non-profit organization committed to connecting persons with disabilities to the world of Information and Communication Technology. Founded in 2010, to accommodate the UN convention on PWD, in recognition that technology is pervasive across a breadth of private and public sector activities and inherent in the Ministry of Transport and Communications strategy, and works to improve digital inclusion for persons with disabilities in the State of Qatar.

About Mada

The Qatar National Vision 2030 serves as a clear roadmap to guide economic, human, social and environmental development in the State of Qatar. The growth of our country is dependent on all who live here, and therefore it is our responsibility to cater to all people effectively, support their ability to live independently, and derive equal opportunities when it comes to education, employment and independent living.

Persons with disabilities form an integral part of our society and have tremendous potential to contribute to the growth of the economy. Mada was created to help this community by leveraging on the capabilities of information and communications technology.

The organization strives to do more than just empower an individual; it endeavours to enrich the lives of PWD to the fullest, by addressing issues in the ecosystem to ensure that they have all the required technology to succeed. To deliver on its ambitions, Mada engages in strategic and operational partnerships with critical players in the PWD ecosystem.

Mada prioritises three key areas

  • Education: Educating both PWD and a variety of stakeholders about the ways in which ICT can be used to enhance life.
  • Employment: The inclusion of PWD into mainstream society through harnessing the power of ICT to create employment and nurture entrepreneurship.
  • Community: Enabling independent living by encouraging the creation of an accessible community for PWD through the power ICT.

Mada also enables these areas through provision of advisory services and policy recommendations.


All Persons with a Disability in Qatar reaching their full potential through Information and Communication Technology.


Unlock the potential of all Persons with a Disability in Qatar by enabling both individuals and their environment through Information and Communication Technology.​


Support 80% of the students with disabilities in Qatar in accessing quality mainstream education by the end of 2018.


Reach a 25% increase in employable PWD in the local workforce by the end of 2018.


Support 25% of PWD accessing the community and increase Qatar's e-Accessiblity score by 95% by the end of 2018.​​​